Algebraic Academy

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about us

Algebra, originating from the Arabic word “Al-Jabr” literally translating as “reunion of broken parts” is the most systematic and rigorous discipline of studies known to mankind. Helping children to discover techniques to reunite all their knowledge, resources and skills to bloom to their full potential is at the core of Algebraic Academy’s philosophy.

Our Story

Our children spend the best part of their time in pursuit of education. Their young brains are filled with facts and figures through constant lectures in their classes. Yet, are they ready to face the world as they come out of their schools? Do they hit the ground running as they step out of their safety zones to the fierce competition of today’s world? Most important, do they possess the right techniques to use their knowledge to their advantage? More often than not, the answer to these questions is discouraging.

Algebraic Academy is founded with the vision to provide an Early Start to the leaders of tomorrow by imparting critical life skills on a Game and Fun platform. To help young children to understand the importance of Strategic Thinking and empower them with the techniques of Analyzing, Planning, Organizing and Executing in the constantly evolving reality.

At Algebraic, leaders are molded with the virtues of Integrity, Discipline and Patience learned on the only medium children understand, FUN and EXCITEMENT. Our expert coaches guide this exploration at the right pace and tempo of individual child with a singular mission to give the child an Early Start.